Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Lunch and How It Reflects Life

Today I have a KICK ASS lunch.  Seriously.  It's picture worthy...and I have taken one and will upload as soon as I get home from work and can do so.  Anyway, like I said, it's pretty incredible.  Here's what's in it:

Banana (ate that)
Cheese Ritz crackers (ate some)
Cheese (Salami and cheese for inside the tortillas)
Yogurt drink
Oatmeal (that was to be eaten with the banana for breakfast...I didn't eat it yet)
Apple Sauce
Strawberries with chocolate yogurt dip
Carrots (ate some of those)
Fruit leather
Peanut butter sandwich cookies (crunchy cookies with peanut butter between...kinda like an Oreo)

I think that's it.  Oh!  Chocolate milk and a coffee (I mention those because I drank those). 

See.  KICK ASS.  It's literally a cooler full - you know, one of those smaller, individual coolers...not the lunchbag sized ones, bigger than that. 

You would think, after packing that all in and looking forward to it all day, when lunch time came I'd be STARVING for it.


I am totally NOT hungry.  What blows my mind about that is had I NOT brought this lunch today, I would have been sitting here with the shakes I'd be so hungry before 10:00!!  Instead I look at it and yes, it does all look very yummy, but I am really not hungry (I am eating carrots right now because I know I should eat them, and they are mostly water, right?!).  It's so weird.

I have "Want what I don't/can't have; Don't want what I do have" syndrome.

Kinda happens in life too.  Don't you find?
What things do you find yourself struggling with this issue on?  How can others help you to remember the good things you do have? 


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