Ever notice how many different types of conversations there are?  Comfortable, awkward, funny, serious, sad, happy, life changing, life giving.  Those are just a few.  I love conversations.  I love spending time with people and getting to know them.  I love hearing their stories and sharing my own.  I love laughing with people, crying with people and sometimes even debating with them.  I love conversations that go deep, that get to the heart of the matter, that have you walking away knowing you have changed in some way for the better.  I also love the ones that have you wiping away tears brought on by laughter; the ones that make no sense to anyone not involved but are hysterically funny every time you recall them.

We create and grow relationships with conversation.  I think that's incredible.  We were given words to build something that is life-giving and life-altering.  Simple words, woven together in just the right way, that open the door of friendship. 

I will admit that I find myself frustrated at times by my inability to have as many conversations with others as I would like.  Life just doesn't allow for it.  Work, children, home...all things that require my time and attention.  I gladly give it however sometimes I wish my work could be conversation and relationships.  It's not.  So because I can't always connect face-to-face or on the phone with all of you, my words here will be my conversation.  Comments you leave will be part of the conversation.  We'll start the dialogues here.  And maybe, some day, when life allows, we can continue the conversations in person....I'd like that.