Saturday, 6 August 2011

Satan is......

NOTE:  I wrote this a few days ago after a conversation with a friend about how Satan often tricks us with his lies, his deceit….which made me say “Damn Satan sure is an asshole”.  We chuckled…but it got me thinking about how that’s really true…and how so many people we encounter today resemble him…I hesitated to post this because I was worried what others might think…which I realized today was exactly what Satan wanted me to do…hesitate, worry about that and not post it.  So here it is.


Satan is an asshole.

Yes, you read that right. I said it. I really did.


I said this recently in conversation with someone who was talking about how they had come to believe some stuff that was CLEARLY not true about themselves and about God. I listened to what they said and then blurted it out "Satan is an asshole". I had no other response for them except that.

And it's true.

In fact, he's the ultimate asshole. He's the father of all of them. Think about it.  Do you recognize anyone in the statements below?

Satan tells us lies.  He tells us things about ourselves, about God, about others around us that just aren’t true.  That we suck or that God doesn’t exist or that people hate us.  All lies.

Satan likes to manipulate and trick us into doing things that aren't good for us. The list here is endless…sex, money, drugs/booze, trophies, you name it.  All geared towards us feeling happy but often are things that aren’t good for us physically or emotionally/spiritually. 

Satan steals things from us - joy, innocence, peace, life (to name a few).  He really doesn’t want to see us enjoy the lives we have…he wants to see us miserable and unhappy and discontent and horrid.  And so he uses the lies and the manipulations to steal good things from us. 

Satan rejoices when bad stuff happens to people.  When someone gets cancer, he’s saying “serves them right”.  When someone loses their job, he’s saying “haha sucker!”  When someone’s marriage falls apart, he’s saying “hehehe….I KNEW it wouldn’t last!!”  You name it…he’s rejoicing…because he loves the bad stuff.

But there is a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference between Satan and the people that look quite a bit like him here on this earth (by the way…that’s all of us at some point or another whether we want to admit it or not)…

THERE IS HOPE FOR ASSHOLES….at least the ones here on earth, still living, still walking around in their worlds doling out pain and heartache on those around them.  Yes.  THERE IS HOPE.  See, we humans weren’t always that way…we really weren’t.  Once upon a time two humans, Adam and Eve, walked in this beautiful garden with God, in face-to-face relationship with him.  Pretty crazy, eh?  And life was good.  It was so good they didn’t ever have to do laundry.   Seriously.  They just walked around naked.  And totally okay with it.  No shame whatsoever. Nothing to hide. I gotta say that sounds pretty heavenly – not having to do laundry I mean.  But I digress!!

Back to the story….

Yea so that was all before that ASSHOLE snake Satan showed up on the scene.  And made Eve an offer she apparently couldn’t refuse.  And of course, Adam couldn’t resist those big eyes of Eve’s and joined her in the offer.  And that’s when humans became assholes…in fact it was in that moment when the first finger pointing happened…and God said “I really wish you hadn’t done that…because now you’ve disobeyed my request and our relationship here on earth can never be the same again.” And everything changed….

BUT JESUS CAME TO EARTH AND DIED ON A CROSS AND TOTALLY KICKED SATAN’S FIRE-Y ASS TO HELL AND BACK AGAIN A FEW TIMES OVER.  Really.  Seriously.  He did that.  FOR US.  So we wouldn’t have to be jackasses all our lives.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  It was a gift…called ETERNAL LIFE rather than DEATH and it’s ours for the accepting.  EVEN THOUGH WE DIDN’T and still don’t DESERVE IT AT ALL!!!!

Best part?  SATAN DOESN’T GET THAT GIFT!!  It’s not for him.  IT IS ONLY FOR US.  So yes.  Satan is an asshole of great proportions but GOD IS SO MUCH BIGGER.  And because of His Grace we can be different than him…IF WE CHOOSE to accept the gift and once again, as I describe it to my kids, become friends with Jesus. 

I think THAT is pretty damn cool.


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